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Alisa Christopher

Booyah says the Llama, yo!

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  • alisa_tana@livejournal.com
You can see my art over at http://alisachristopher.deviantart.com
I'm currently an Avatard. Other Animated series I love are Gargoyles, Batman:TAS, Pirates of Dark Water, and The Legend of Zelda.
Speaking of Zelda, that's my favorite game series. Second favorite being Metroid. Third is FF and Kingdom Hearts.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest in the US, and moved to Sendai Japan to teach English for awhile. Since I quit teaching, and don't speak enough Japanese, I have to move back to the States at the end of September.

I'm currently a freelance pixel artist, but I'd like to work full time in either the Game or TV industries. But I need to get my ass in gear for that to happen.