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Wow, really, Mom?   
01:04am 24/02/2012
mood: Can't sleep
So apparently I need to NOT post pictures of disturbingly adorable plush fetuses on facebook... or mom'll try and read between the lines that aren't there and think I'm pregnant.
No, no, no and no. *sigh*

Also, fuck I can't sleep nor stop shivering.
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Forbidden Curry Rice   
03:29pm 09/02/2012
mood: full
Forbidden Rice - the black rice which was originally exclusively prepared for the Chinese Emperor, is now readily available in bulk at WinCo. It's a short grain rice that's a little bit sweeter. We cooked it with coconut milk, and then mixed in garbanzo beans and shredded pineapple (hand shredded).
Curry - we made a simple curry, starting with the remaining coconut milk and some Greek style plain yogurt (the Greek style is more lactose-intolerant friendly). Added some Tofu and Coconut Flakes to fill it out, then spiced with lots of freshly ground ginger, some garlic, paprika, cardamom, red pepper flakes, and lime juice.

Over-all a mild curry, to accommodate my weak palette.

Small lunch serving:
Calories: 461
Carbs: 49g
Fats: 21g
Proteins: 17g
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so it comes down to this...   
11:03am 03/11/2011
mood: calm
Hunter's not interested in an exclusive relationship.
I'm not going to force him into something he doesn't want, so I just have to accept that's what he wants, and evaluate what it is that I want.

I got into the relationship with him with the intention of just seeing where things would go. I wasn't expecting anything permanent, so to expect anything like that after only a month and a half would just be insane.
My life is clearly not where I was expecting it to be, nor anywhere near where I'd like it to be. I can't even say what I'll be doing with my life 6 months from now, let alone a year or more - and I don't want to be dragging anyone around with me while I try and figure things out.

So in the meantime, I'm enjoying myself with Hunter, his company, the sex, and who I am when I'm with him. So, as long as he continues to be honest and open with me, I'm okay with it.

At least for now. I did tell him I reserve the right to change my mind.
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09:57pm 29/10/2011
mood: WTF?!

I am utterly shocked and dismayed right now... I know my brain hasn't processed what just happened and I need to get it out because I don't even understand it.

Haven't seen Hunter in almost 2 weeks, between his trips to the sound, and him starting his new company.

We've made arrangements to see each other the day after halloween - but I may have to insist on talking to him sooner than that now... because really I don't know if I can sit on this until Tuesday.

He called me up, from Washington, out of the blue, with the following:
"I've got a weird question..."
"We you under the impression that we were dating exclusively?"

My brain just screamed at me, and I'm completely speechless.

"Fuck yes" is what I want to yell, but I can't. or even a "How can you be asking me that question now, over the phone of all things." But I can't.

All I can manage is "........ Maybe, but uh...."
really?! REALLY!!?

His response was "Okay, we'll leave it at that and talk about it when I get back."

Seriously, what. the. fuck.

The blinking cursor is mocking meCollapse )
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Next Week?!   
09:58am 26/10/2011
mood: stircrazy
I'm going to go stir crazy.
01:40am 25/10/2011
mood: morose
Feeling a bit lonely this week, and introspective. Haven't seen Hunter since Tuesday, and work at the Buy More has been annoying.

Hunter's been given a grant to start a new business, the Guru Signal, with a few of his colleagues. Which is awesome for him, not so awesome for us in that he's extremely busy. Beyond that, Saturday he helped to run a Breast Cancer Brawl and helped raise over 1000 bux for charity, and while I would have loved to join him, I had work. So yeah, no cuddlings or anything for a whole week.

I know it seems kind of ridiculous to be upset about it, since we've only been dating a month, but combined with the stress of work, it's just got me more melancholy.

I finally got bumped up to full-time status, which means hurray, I can get medical. The disappointing, and frustrating, part is the realization that I don't think I can afford it. The only tier that has a deductible I can afford winds up being around $100 out of every paycheck... the next one down from that is twice the deductible, but still $50 out of every paycheck. Put that together with the fact that I'll no longer qualify for food stamps, I'll have to pay mom more rent to cover the absence of my dead-beat brother, and that starting in May I'll have to start paying back my student loans again, all means together I won't be making any positive income, and will be digging a hole every month. So I pestered that long to get full-time status, but it doesn't actually get me anything.

So given the financial woes, I started day-dreaming about winning the lottery. It's not going to happen, but even a part of the 174mil would be awesome.

And thinking about the lottery made me think what I'd do with it. Like offer to pay for my nephews to go to college provided that they remained unmarried and childless until after they graduated - which was a condition that my father had set for me. He'd pay for my wedding provided he could pay for my college first.

Which, got me thinking about the fact that Dad'll never be able to pay for my wedding.

So naturally, I'm being emotional and over sensitive, and the back of my mind is worried that Hunter doesn't like me, and that as quickly as we started dating, we'll stop. Unfounded, I know, especially given the clues he's given me that he enjoys my company at least as much as I enjoy his. But the worry is still there.

Four days off from work, to do arts and collect myself, and hopefully hang out with Hunter... It should get better.
updates for Aangthy   
09:57am 09/10/2011
mood: bouncy
Its been 6 dates so far. All of them quite awesome. He makes me laugh, its awesome to snuggle and hang out. And the other stuff is good too. ;)

The second date (the Wednesday following the first date) he cooked us dinner, a pesto-sauced tortellini with veggies. It was a simple easy preparation, but good. We played another board game (Small Worlds) and watched an episode of Avatar - The Winter Solstice, from first season, before him driving me home.

Then on Friday, I'd had the day off, and needed to go to the store to buy bus tickets and something to eat for dinner, so I called him to see if he had a free evening and wanted to hang out. He said that he did, so I grabbed flat bread, humus, feta, couscous and salami for munchings. I had to work at 8:30 the following morning, and he offered to drive me in to work, but I didn't have my work clothes with me, so I had to decline the offer to spend the night. He made a joke about something, using the monster-truck rally "Sunday Sunday Sunday!" voice, which I replied "Well, I get off at 5:30 on Sunday..."

Then on Sunday, it turned out I'd remembered it wrong, and I really got off at 4:30. I got home about 5:15 or so and started making dinner. Then at 6:33, just as I was finishing eating, he called. "So, I think I remember you said you got off work at 6:30..." Lolz. I'd remembered it wrong, he remembered it wrong from what I told him, but he called me right at 6:30. So cute. We hung out, just cuddled and watched Avatar - he was now at Lake Laogai - because he'd had a lonely crappy weekend and just needed some low stress hanging outs.

We made arrangements for Monday, it was Warhammer night, and he invited me to join him and meet some of his friends. When he picked me up, however, he decided that he's just seen his friends and would rather spend the evening with me. He cooked dinner again, a yummy asian stir fry, and we watched more Avatar.

I didn't have Wednesday off from work this week, so we had to wait until Friday again. This time I cooked, Chicken Marsala, but with Portabello mushrooms in place of the chicken, served with roasted red potatoes and green beans. Adventures in cooking - I asked him to heat up some oil while I floured the mushrooms... so he put his wok on high. Then as I got done, we both looked at the wok that had started to smoke, and as we looked, it poofed into flames. So I removed the wok from heat, we grabbed a lid (after I pointed out that since the wok has a small base, he didn't even need a lid that was as big as the wok) and snuffed the fire. It did wind up with the house being full of smoke, but the food came out great - good thing I told him not to use the fire extinguisher.
He also wanted to make Pumpkin Pie, since he was going to a Canadian Thanksgiving meal on Saturday, so we went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. He'd received in the mail a pair of steampunk goggles that he'd ordered, and decided that he'd wear them to the store. Ah geeks. But we wound up not making the pie, since he didn't have his recipe, and couldn't get a hold of his mom to ask for it. So we ate the apple pie I brought over that my mom had made, along with some frosting in a can (made from oil, not cream, so safe free of lactose).... I had to work at 9:30 on saturday, but this time I brought my work clothes along, so he drove me in to work in the morning - wearing the goggles again.

I would not be surprised if he wore the goggles to the Thanksgiving party.

I can also properly cyberstalk him, and have added him to facebook and google+. Alas, I don't have another free evening until Thursday.
I have a second date!   
09:06am 27/09/2011
mood: bouncy
No, not with the douche of a townie.
Last Wednesday I actually went on a really great date. He's a geek, and a brony, he likes board games and video games.

Maybe the only draw back is that he's recently divorced and admitted he hasn't been with anyone else other than his ex-wife. While it's not that big of a deal, I don't know how "recently" it actually was, and I don't want to just be a rebound girl.

But, the date went really well. He had to leave town to attend his grandfather's funeral, so I had to force myself to be patient. Finally got a message from him, and he asked for a second date, this time he'll make me dinner. ^___^

I also realized, this will be the first time I've ever had a 2nd date. lolz.
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Patronizing Douche of a Townie   
05:47pm 08/09/2011
mood: bitchy
So I actually went on a date last night. It's been since college that I had a real date; and even then that wasn't meant to be a solo but for the conspiracy of my friends to ditch so that I could go out with the guy I liked. Actually, I might have to write up some of the ridiculousness of my college love-life in a later entry, just so you can all laugh at me too.

As a little bit of background, I went looking for Harry Potter sorting-hat quizzes a week or so ago, did like 4 or 5 of them, and one happened to be on this site with a bunch of other fun personality quizzes. It also happens that this site (okcupid.com) is a free dating site. But whatever, I mostly ignored that aspect of the site.

But I started to get messages from random guys. Quite a lot of them were rather crude, cheesy or otherwise laughable ("You're beautiful enough to make angels blush," for example). I'd read them, I'd laugh at them, and then I'd go back to taking the quizzes.

I got one message, however, that seemed halfway decent - so I followed the link to the guy's profile. He wasn't that attractive, but seemed funny, and in some ways remind me of Erk. I said, what the hell, and messaged him back. After a little bit of back and forth, we agreed to meet at a pub downtown.

There it went horribly wrong. The funny little charming guy turned out to be a patronizing douche of a townie. And by "townie" I mean like in The Sims, the stupid little NPCs that you never want to be friends with.

The douche part was that he didn't even let me voice to the waiter that I might be interested in ordering food - we'd met at 4:30, it's not unreasonable to think a burger would have been an acceptable thing to order, or an appetizer at the least. The waiter asked "Will you be getting any food?" and before I even could utter the syllable "Um..." he'd answered "No, just the drinks." The conversation was painful at best - he didn't understand anything having to do with my interests, nor did he let me finish any of my explanations. When the waiter returned to ask if we were going to be paying separately or together, again without hesitation, he replied "separate."

Now I understand that we're living in modern times, but if you're on a date, isn't at least polite to first consult your date if you'll be going dutch? Or that, oh, I dunno, you're going to actually be eating?

The Patronizing part comes from the fact that he did seem curious as to, at my age, I haven't been in any serious relationships yet (see first paragraph). But rather than wait for me to fully explain myself, he proceeded to give me dating advice.... while on a date.

Um, yeah. No.

Found my way back to the MAX (train), fortunately there was a Subway nearby that was open so I didn't starve.
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10:22pm 20/03/2011
mood: bittersweet
The day after the Tohoku earthquake, the plum trees started to blossom. I've even seen cherry trees in bloom. It's bittersweet.

In Japan, the cherry blossom is usually a joyful symbol, it represents spring and renewal. The hanami festivities, of sitting under the trees with friends and family, eating and drinking while admiring nature's beauty, are a time of happiness. It's almost as if the trees here are saying "Gabare! Life goes on."

But there's also a more fleeting and fragile side to the blossoms.

There's a popular expression that claims the reason why the cherry blossoms have pink petals instead of white is because there's a dead body under the tree. And as the confirmed death tolls in Miyagi, Iwate and Fukushima rise, and more and more blossoms open, I can't help but think of that. That for each tree that blooms, a life has flickered out.

I plan on observing hanami this year, but I may be drinking tears with my sake.
Oboe dasanai...   
11:09pm 17/03/2011
mood: useless
So here I am, feeling rather useless after the Miyagi earthquake. I lived in Sendai, Miyagi for a year, and completely loved it.

But the sad part is, all those student to whom I taught English, I can't remember their names - not their full names anyway. So I feel even more useless. Nor can I remember the Japanese staff's full names. So even though I want to check on them, I can't.

Yoshinori, the steel worker, who was too painfully shy to talk to the girl he liked, and wouldn't take the placement tests to level up because she was still in the same level. The steel factory got hit with the Tsunami waters up to chest height on the 3rd floor of one of the buildings according to one first-hand account.

Akemi, the teacher, whom we called Kooky Akemi due to her enthusiasm and energy. She loved Will Ferrell, Queen, and Never Ending Story, and would make annual trips to LA and NY. She worked down in Natori, but I don't remember which school.

Isao, "cap guy", one of the crotchety old men. You didn't want to bring up the subject of WW2 with him, because he was still very T'd off about the whole thing. Blaming the destruction of Aobo-jo on American bombers (when it reality the castle had mostly be dismantled before the war).

Jun, the other crotchety old man. Generally a nice guy, if not a bit of a know-it-all.

Lurch (I can't even remember his real name, just that we called him Lurch due to his resemblance to the Addam's Family character), another old man, but not crotchety. Lurch was always smiling, and perhaps a little bit of a dirty old man when around young women.

Yukari-chan, one of my Kinder students who was absolutely adorable. The one day I didn't wear my hair in a bun, she spent the entire lesson playing with my hair, saying in her childish dialect "Sensei has long hair, Yukari doesn't."

Katsue, one of the eldest students, her husband and both of her sons were doctors, her daughter a real estate agent. At the time I knew her, even her mother was alive. Katsue had a knack for confusing everyone around her, whether conversing in English or Japanese.

Kaz, our token male Japanese staff. I burned him a pirated porn dvd (about pirates) once. He taught me how to origami fold a chopstick wrapper into a chopstick stand.

Not to mention all the others that while I can remember details about them, I just can't remember their names.
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We've been duped.   
05:56pm 06/03/2011
mood: chipper
the first image of Korra's face was supposedly revealed, but I noticed in the article, they were calling the show "The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra" rather than "Avatar: The Legend of Korra" as we know the show is actually called.

So I did some snooping, and infact we were duped.
I was able to find Korra's true face, however, and I'm sharing it with you all.

Avatar - it's bugging me.   
09:40am 27/06/2010
  Okay, this is just bugging me. M. Night and the whole race thing, whatever.
It's the changing of the characters names that bothers me more. Especially with the defense that he's giving that Aang, Iroh and Sokka's names are mispronounced in the show because they're not correctly pronounced as an Asian would pronounce those spellings.

Ok wait, let's think. The characters are "Racially Ambiguous" according to Night, they don't write in Chinese calligraphy anymore, and some of them are African and Caucasian, not just Asian. So why then, do they NEED to have Asian names?

He says that growing up people were always mispronouncing his name because it's Asian. Yeah, my name's European and people mispronounce it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. It's just a fact that as long as English letters can be pronounced differently, people will always mispronounce things. Like Sean being "Shawn" instead of "Seen" and Stephan being "Steven" or "Steph-on"

It's like he's saying to Mike and Bryan, "No, you're wrong. Your names are Mee-keh and Bree-Ahn."

But let's look at the offending names and their pronunciations. Are they really non-Asian names? No.

Iroh, as we pronounce it - and I'm sure in Japan they've katakanized it as Airoh アイロー - Ah-ee-roh - or faster as Eye-row. (I'm adding the "h" to represent the long o sound). But an American seeing "Airoh" would think it was "Air - oh"

Sokka we pronounce as Sakka.サッカ

Aang is a little trickier since the sound we generally use for the As is a lazy sound and Asian letter-sounds tend to remain pure. But what about Eeing. エーイング  Ehhing. pretty darn close.

So yes, they do have names that as pronounced are still Asian sounding, it's just the Romanization that's incorrect. But hell, Tokyo used to be written as Tokio.

But it makes me wonder if he's bothered to "correct" the way that Kyoshi and Suki are said. Or what he's going to do about Mai and Toph, who by those spellings would be "My" and "Toe-ff" Toph is not made of Tofu.

The whole thing just reminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CuaZ7omx-k
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Southern Wolf thoughts - Part 2 & 3   
06:15pm 03/05/2010
mood: creative
More Southern WolfCollapse )
Southern Wolf thoughts - Part 1   
12:32pm 03/05/2010
mood: creative
Since I'm not likely to finish drawing the comic any time soon, nor am I one to write a full fic for it, I thought I'd write out notes about where I was planning on going with 'Southern Wolf'.

NotesCollapse )
I'll post more later, but I've gotta head to work.
thoughts on Last Airbender   
11:09am 03/05/2010
mood: contemplative
So the more I read about it, and the more I think about it, M. Night's still trying to cram too much stuff into each of the movies. The initial reviews of things feeling rushed seem confirmed on this.
One interview with M. Night confirms that Haru's village will appear in the first movie - but without the giant metal prison. Suki has also been confirmed, but there's no word yet on Jet and Teo. He's moving Bumi to the 2nd movie, and JeongJeong to the 3rd; which just means more stuff to cram into those movies.
I have to wonder why he's leaving Haru's village in, since that would probably be one of the first things I would cut.

I've been thinking...Collapse )
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10,000 BC   
12:16pm 30/04/2010
mood: contemplative
Just watched 10,000BC last night. Entertaining, and not a bad movie - except for the complete lack of geographic knowledge in it...

Geography lessonCollapse )

Watching the movie, maybe partially due to the fact that it had Cliff Curtis as Tic'Tic (who will be playing Ozai) I couldn't help but compare it to The Last Airbender.
On the subject of Racebending, Curtis is Maori, the guy who played D'Leh is Caucasian of some sort, the kid who played Baku looked to be mixed (at least some African), and the Old Mother is a woman who's Chinese-Jamaican. And Evolet, the outsider girl with the blue eyes, is half Brazilian. All those ethnicities were chosen to represent one Siberian tribe. For the most part, I'd almost say that it worked in that they chose people who were just generically ethnic, rather than one specific look.
Everyone else in the movie were definitely African or Arab/Persian.

Curtis (and everyone else from his tribe) wore Dread-locks.
Also, Evolet, who's actress has brown-eyes, had blue eyes for the purpose of the story. I'm almost positive they did this digitally, since her eyes were TOO blue. The same kind of creepy-glowy royal-blue eyes that we're seeing on Princess Yue in Last Airbender.

Makes me wonder if M. Night saw the movie and decided to give Yue the same kind of eyes and the Fire Nation dread-locks...
The Princess and the Frog.   
11:01am 20/03/2010
mood: amused
Finally saw The Princess and the Frog this week. I'm not sure if lived up to my expectations, despite all the praise and glowing reviews.
Read more...Collapse )
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Bullet Holes   
11:13pm 18/02/2010
  Off to get my own set of Bullet Holes in the morning, assuming of course the extremely routine surgery goes routinely.
Good bye gallbladder!
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Happy Cheap Chocolate Day!!   
12:34pm 15/02/2010
mood: bored
needs to be said. Since it's US Presidents' Day, shouldn't that mean we can have chocolate shaped like George Washington or Abe Lincoln?

of course all I really want right now is some juice, orange or apple, even maybe some v8 Fusion... but juice! (Just not the weird Watermelon stuff in the fridge)
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